Sunday School

Sunday School small groups are for those who attend our more traditional service on Sunday mornings. This type of small group is another great opportunity to connect with others as you live out the Great Commission by disciplining followers of Jesus. 

Sunday School Groups

  • Faith and Charity/Senior Ladies: Led by Lillian Coleman
  • Fellowship Class/ Senior Men: Led by James Lloyd Golden
  • Douglass & DUO Class/ Senior Adults: Led by Larry Blair/John Pritchett
  • Bethany Class/ Women: Led by Pam Waddell
  • Issachar Class/ Men: led by Frank Hopson
  • Sanctuary Class/ Couples and Singles: Led by Chuck Stallings
  • Truth Seekers/ Couples and Singles 50+: Led by Dale Skelton
  • The Other Class/ Couples and Singles: Led by Fred Frost
  • Life Lessons/ Couples: Led by Scott Edwards
  • PE Class/ Led by Jeff Golden