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Video montages

Enjoy some of the video montages from prior trips and special events.

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What Sup!

ONE Trip!! October 17-20, 2017

Our first 7th-12th grade trip experience to Panama City Beach during Pell City School System’s Fall Break!! We’ll head to Blue Horizon after school on Tuesday, October 17. We’ll return mid-afternoon on Friday, October 20 in time for the football game.

Trip Info:  What to Bring, Medical Form

The medical form and final balance are due by Wednesday, October 11. Trip Cost is $171

We will pre-load EVERYONE’S luggage for the trip on Monday, October 16 from 3:00-3:30PM and 5:00-7:00PM. We will load at the bus shed. This will allow us to get on the road quicker on Tuesday, and you won’t have to take your luggage to school on Tuesday morning.

ONE Move Sundays!!

With Petros Renovations going on, here are our temporary relocations.

College (PetrosU):  Mark’s Office

EVERYONE 7th-12th 
Large Group Meeting, Poptarts and more! (A206 - Sanctuary upstairs, end room toward Steakhouse.  Please enter the building from the sanctuary side door.)

12th/11th Grade Guys: (B217: Upstairs educational wing: go in last door toward Steakhouse, first room on left)

12th/11th Grade Girls: (B215: Upstairs educational wing: middle of the hallway) 

10th/9th Grade Girls: (A100: Sanctuary 1st floor, room right off the side sanctuary door)

10th/9th Grade Guys: (A202: Sanctuary upstairs, end room toward Kilgroe's)

8th/7th Grade Guys: (B219: Upstairs educational wing: go in last door toward Steakhouse, first room on right) 

8th/7th Grade Girls: (A205: Sanctuary upstairs, room next door to large group meeting room)

ONE Move Wednesdays!!

Our Wednesday night meetings will move to the sanctuary beginning at 6:30pm.  You can still hang out in the front yard of Petros before our meeting.


ShutterFly:  Check out pictures and videos from past trips.

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