our kindergarten

The weekday Kindergarten/Daycare of First Baptist Church has been an integral part of our ministry to Pell City and the surrounding community for over 30 years.  

It's the commitment of our Kindergarten/Daycare to impact the lives of children and their families with a Gospel saturated environment and learning experience.   

A Beka curriculum assists us in achieving this commitment. It is built on a scriptural foundation, which presents lessons that are lively, memorable, and


We strive to provide a God-centered ministry that will have ripple effects, not only on the next generation, but on generations to come. 

2021-2022 School Year Tuition

Registration Fee-$60.00

K-5 Registration $100.00

After-School/Holiday Registration $35.00


Kindergarten Tuition

5 Year Old Kindergarten (8:00 am-12:00 pm 5 days) -- $195.00 per month

2 year old to 4 year old (8:30 am - 11:30 am

5 day Kindergarten -- $180.00 per month

3 day Kindergarten -- $110.00 per month

2 day Kindergarten -- $75.00 per month

Kindergarten children who stay after 11:45am until 12:30pm will be charged $4.00

Kindergarten children who stay past 12:30pm will be charged $12.00


Daycare Tuition

7am - 6 pm

One Child - $120.00 per week - $24.00 per day

   Two Children - $220.00 per week - $44.00 per day ($4 off 2nd child/day)

  Three Children - $310.00 per week - $62.00 per day ($10 off 3rd child/day)

1/2 daycare tuition is $12 per day


After School Tuition

     One Child - $50.00 per week - $10.00 per day

Two Children - $90.00 per week - $18.00 per day

Three Children - $125.00 per week - $25.00 per day  


School age children will pay full daycare tuition for summer and holidays

Drop-in children for school age will be charged for one day a week.

Payment adjustments are not made for holidays or absences.

Refer to Policies and Procedures Handbook.

If you would like more information on this ministry please call: 205-338-3439.

Director: Mrs. Tammy Huey

Assistant Director (Daily Activities)

Angie Carroll

Assistant Director (Finances)

Laura Ensley

Upcoming events and activities