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Welcome Back to School!



1-Year-Old News

Happy November! We will be studying the color brown, and the shape of a triangle. 

Our scripture is Mark 8:8 "So they ate and were filled."

Our Bible Story is Jesus feeds the 5,000. 

The kids are learning so much and we are so thankful to have them in our class!

2-Year-Old News

We are having so much fun at school working on special crafts to show off for our Open House. November 6th @4PM. 

This month we will be talking about Thanksgiving, farms, and turkeys.

Our Bible Stories for this month are Esther and Daniel.

Our Bible verse is "O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good." Psalm 118:1

Color: Brown

Shape: Triangle

Number: 4

3-Year-Old News

The 3-year-old students will be busy this month making special Thanksgiving crafts!

Letters: H & I reviewing A-H

Numbers: 1-6

Our verses this month are: "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord." 

Psalm 100:1

"O give thanks to the Lord for He is good." Psalm 118:1

We will also be studying how the Pilgrims trusted God and how the Indians befriended them.

3-Year-Olds will participate in our Thanksgiving Program on November 6th @4PM

Please have your child in the classroom by 3:30

4-Year-Old News

Letters: Ss, Dd, Kk, Cc

Colors: Black, White and Green

Shape: Rectangle

Numbers: 8, 9 and 10

Our Bible Stories and themes this month are: Thanksgiving Story, Indians, Pilgrims and turkeys.

Thanksgiving Programs & Open House

November 6th @ 5:15

5-Year-Old News

This month we will be learning about Pilgrims, Indians, and The First Thanksgiving

Math: counting by 10s, adding and writing 1-50

Important Dates: 

November 6th-Thanksgiving Program @5:15

November 11th- Veteran's Day-No Kindergarten-Daycare only (sign up if you need to attend)

November 18th-Thanksgiving Feast *more info to come

November 21st-November 23rd-(open for daycare only) sign up

November 24th-November 25th-Holiday/Center Closed

Important Dates:

Thanksgiving Program: November 6th

Alabama ~ Auburn Day

Teachers and kids wear your team on

Thursday and Friday November 17th & 18th

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule:

November 21, 22, & 23-Kindergarten Closed/Daycare Open

November 24th-Center Closed

November 25th- Center Closed

You must sign your child up on the list in order for them to attend! Thank you!

*Important note-The cooler weather is exciting. Our classes play outside on these beautiful days. Please label all jackets & sweaters with your child's name. 

If you would like more information on this ministry please call: 205-338-3439.

Director: Mrs. Tammy Huey

Assistant Director (Daily Activities)

Angie Carroll

Assistant Director (Finances)

Laura Ensley