life groups at 9am Sundays

Here at First Baptist Church, we want you to feel a part of your community. We want you to connect with each other in a deep, spiritual and meaningful way. Life Groups are a place where you can do that. Through loving others, inviting others, fellowshiping with others and equipping others, you will be able to not only grow deeper in your faith walk, but also develop relationships with other believers as you make an impact for the Kingdom.

What are Life Groups? Simply a rebranding of what we traditionally call Sunday School but with a twist. Life Groups are meant to be  a relationally focused and biblically centered time with folks with who you get to do life!

These simple phrases focus on the goals of Life Groups:

L = Love - Follow the commands of Christ himself to love one another, both fellow Christians and those not yet saved.

I = Invite - Tell people what God is doing in your life and in the group and invite them to be a part of it.

F = Fellowship - Get to know the folks in your group and develop deeper relationships with them, both in and out of class.

E = Equip - Equip others through the transformational knowledge of the Gospel so they can "go and make disciples".


Rooted/Ages 18-24 - Led by Chris & Carrie Stallings

Young Adults/Couples and Singles - Led by Jay Warren

Oasis/ Couples and Singles 60+ - Led by Michael Wright

PE Class/Couples and Singles - Led by Robert Minor

WOW Class/ Women - Led by Kim Thweatt

AGAPE/ Young Adults (mid 20s-mid 30s) - Led by Morgan Atkins