Honduras 2020

We are excited about this year's senior mission trip to Honduras! 

June 11-19, 2020

Getting Ready!!

Below is some information you may find helpful. Get the most up to date information sent right to your phone.

Text HON2020 to 888111

Page updated on 02/26/2020

Our Partners: VER International

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The cost is $1,400 which will include airfare, ATL hotel, VER reimbursments, housing in Honduras, supplies for VBS, most meals, luggage tags, transportation and four t-shirts. This does not include your luggage fees, airport meals, snacks, shots, and shopping.

Medical Form

We will need a medical form and waiver on each person going. If you went to Submerge, we have one for you.

Delta Airlines Information

ATL to SAP (San Pedro Sula)

Flight 575

Depart ATL at 9:55AM

Arrive SAP at 11:17AM



Flight 504

Depart SAP at 1:24PM

Arrive ATL 6:08PM


Baggage Information

Find some luggage you can handle. 

360 degree rolling bags will be your friend!


3-1-1 Regulation

What can I bring on my carry-on?


Checking In

You will need the Delta app and a debit/credit card.

What to Bring

Updated 02/17/2020

Updates will be added to the bottom.

This will be a growing list as we get closer to the trip!

 -- An Adventurous Attitude!

-- A flexible spirit. Often things change on mission trips.

-- Water Filtration Bottle: This is recommended for drinking the water.

-- Liquid bug lotion (a must). Aerosol can don't fly well .

-- A Pack Towel: This is one of many suggestions you will find on Amazon.

-- A good day pack or backpack for travel and each day.

-- Carry on luggage you can handle

-- Checked luggage you can handle. 360 luggage will be your friend!

-- Meal replacement bars/pouches just in case there is a meal you don't want to try

-- Your personal hygiene items and whatever it takes to get you ready.

-- Shower flip flops

-- Comfortable travel clothes

-- Shorts for kids ministries are fine. Just make sure the length is near your knee

-- Clothes for church services: We will give more detailed information later.

-- Passport keeper or waist belts help to keep your important items on you at all times.

-- Neck pillow for plane travel. This one is recommended because it can be turned into a sleeping pillow.

-- Compact blanket for plane travel and lodging

-- Closed toed shoes for recreation. Don't want to cut your foot in a foreign setting.

-- Personal first aid kit: Here is a suggestion or create your own.

-- Money for airport meals, snack, shopping, etc.

-- Debit/credit card for possible luggage fees

-- Check with your cell phone provider about international calls/text messages

-- At least one large pack of hard candy for the children

-- Don't forget your 4 trip t-shirts! These will be for ministry days not for travel days

What Will We Be Doing?

Of course things can change but here is a working itenerary. We will be ministering in two separate locations, having a fun day in another location, and staying the last night in the city of San Pedro Sula where we’ll fly in and out of Honduras. The two areas where we will be ministering are very distinct. One will be in the village with a lot of kids, many of whom are unchurched. This will be organized like a block party type evangelistic event. The other is at a children’s home. The kids are in a Christian environment and more technologically modern. This will be devotionals broken up by age groups. Their property is expansive and it would be great to have a few structured outdoor games planned for them. As well as a soccer game - gotta play soccer! 


Several nights we'll be in a hotel. One to two nights at children’s home. One to two nights at a church campground. We are confirming it lines are provided.  Washcloths are not part of the culture so if you'd like one, bring one.

Shots and Meds

The CDC does recommend Hep A and Typhoid.

Our ministry areas are low risk of malaria. 

But you can take them if you'd like.

We will have a medical clinic later in the spring.


Sponsor Letters! 

We recommend sponsor letters being mailed in February in order to give space for your graduation invitations. Feel free to send to friends and family.

Ready to Send PDF     Pages Format    

Word Format



We'll begin in late February. You will get credit for the jobs you complete. 


Fundraiser Dinner

March 4 -- Soups and Chili's

We'll have a sign up so we don't end up with 17 of the same.


Yard Sale/Carwash/Pancake Breakfast

Saturday, April 25



Saturday, May 16 from 2pm-9pm

We'll be helping with parking.



We will be selling t-shirts in the later spring. We will order a box, sell them, and then do a reorder.


Your Creativity

GoFundMe, Sponsor a Box, etc.

Who's Going!

Hannah Best, Julie Davis, Paige Edwards, Kathy Gillison-Parker, Davis Jones, Ken Knight, Barbara Miller, Lake Minor, Noah Parker, Ali Richard, Brian Richard, Harbor Richard, Clay Shadix, Mark Walker, Suzi Walker, Alison Wills and Jeff Wills.